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Residentie Hiawatha Privacy Beleid

The use of this site, i.e. www.res-hiawatha.com, is subject to the regulations & res-trictions mentioned hereunder. Accessing & using this site entails the user's agree-ment with the conditions mentioned hereunder.

This site's purpose is the providing of information to the visitor concerning the "Resi-dentie Hiawatha" 's projects & activities. The "Residentie Hiawatha" site's manage-ment's & producer's utmost carefulness in developing & managing this site notwith-standing, they are unable to offer any guaranties concerning the nature & the con-tents of the information on this site, and they cannot be held responsible for the con-sequences of its perusal.

The "Residentie Hiawatha" & its management moreover retain the right to correct possible mistakes on its website as to price indications at whatever moment. These corrections can therefore be communicated to you over the phone, or sent to you via e-mail or whatever other means of communication, either before or after possible contracts.

Liability for possible damage as a consequence of access to & use of this site, is the-refore being expressly denied. Moreover, a faultless & uninterrupted functioning of this site cannot be guaranteed.

References to or connections with other sites or sources, which will now or in future be introduced on the site, and which are not the property of the "Residentie Hiawatha" or its management, can only be considered to be of informative nature. Neither the "Residentie Hiawatha" nor its management can therefore be held respon-sible for the availability of such sites or sources.

The "Residentie Hiawatha", its management & site producer, will not accept any liabi-lity with regard to the contents, the advertisements, the products or whatever other topics on such sites or sources.

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